Cable welding / Splicing

STRUNK supplies customised solutions in different series from 0.13 mm² to 120 mm² for fastening technology within cable harnesses. Mixed connections present no problems whatsoever in these cases.

Connections and mixed connections between copper, brass, tin-coated, nickel-coated or silvercoated materials are possible. The systems can be used in pre-assembly, as a mobile version at the cable board, as modules for integration in cable processing centres or as a semi- or fully automatic solution.

Special model series contain a so-called sequencer functionality. This makes the infinite adjustment of electrodes to different processing cross-sections in succession possible – automatically and without operator intervention. The sequences can be transmitted by a HOST guide system, by barcode or by a higher order PLC within the automatic system. After the sequence has been received, we map the cable harness with all welding nodes in our special PC control systems. All machines have monitoring strategies developed for the medical and automotive industries which allows top quality, reproducible welding work to be delivered. In line with OEM requirements, the data for each welding process are tracked and archived in a database.

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