Areas of expertise

Is safety important to you in the early stages of product development?

Strunk competence can assist you as a consulting and engineering partner!
As a partner in expertise and development, we have more than 40 years of knowledge in connecting non-ferrous metals. We apply our experience to clarify the technical feasibility of your application, to produce lab and prototype samples for you, and to create product designs ready for series production.

We assist you with our core processes:
  • Resistance welding
  • Assembly and testing technology
  • Laser welding
  • Punching and bending operations


What requirements do you have of a connection?

Strunk competence means:
  • validation security
  • connections that do not age
  • minimal contact resistances
  • high mechanical strength
Our connection process also offers firm bonding and no oxidation – even under high loads and cycles – as well as low temperature input without impairing the area directly around the connection. We can also process tinned surfaces and other coatings.


Is process safety relevant to you?

Strunk Competence offers:
  • process management
  • process monitoring
  • product tracking
  • documentation
These things we provide using the control systems which we have developed ourselves specifically to meet the requirements of non-ferrous metal connections and automotive applications. The onus is on capturing the whole of your application, and that includes different methods of incorporating data and integrating the application into existing systems.


Are high quantities essential to you?

Strunk Competence enables:
  • partial and full automation of your application
  • process reliability
  • low maintenance, fast-running systems
  • variability using STRUNK sequencer technology
In addition to our connection solutions, our portfolio includes the upwards and downwards integration of those additional steps needed for your process. We can link together your processes using efficient feed and handling technology.


Are transparent projects important to you?

Strunk Competence represents:
  • complete solutions from a single source
  • customer service through effective project management
  • transparent mechanical and electrical designs, including customer review
  • 100 % manufacturing depth
STRUNK COMPETENCE means: true customer service, from process development in the lab, all the way to design and the complete implementation of your system on site. We can comply with your requirements in the field of PLC programming and switchgear cabinet configuration. Our own production and mechanical assembly facilities give us a high degree of flexibility.


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